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Allocate your daily tasks to our Bid Manager

Hiring a Bid Manager will save your time, energy and money while you and increases chances of winning more bids.

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Why Bid Manager?

With our Bid Manager, you get a dedicated expert to handle all the bid management remotely—from crafting compelling proposals to analyzing bids and hunting potential subcontractors. We're here to streamline the process, boost your chances of winning, and ultimately, help your business thrive and expand. Say goodbye to bidding headaches and hello to smooth sailing toward those lucrative contracts.

  • Bid Management

    The Bid Manager will manage the complete bidding process.

  • Crafting Proposals

    Bid Manager will craft proposals for bidding on different Projects

  • Bids Analysis

    Conducting bid analysis using previous bids results.

  • Review Plans

    Shortlisting better projects for bidding by reviewing project specification and plans.

  • SWOT Analysis

    Conducting a detailed SWOT analysis for whole bidding process

  • Getting Quotes

    Dedicated support for getting quotes from sub-contractors

  • Bids Finalization

    Bids Finalization through estimates and quotes from local vendors

  • Communications

    Maintaining communication with all stakeholders during the pre-bidding process

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